The SIRA 3D can interface with the EXAboard, our data centralizer, for fully autonomous operation. The data centralizer is used to collect data from SIRA 3D counting cells and store them in its internal memory.

The EXAboard role does not stop there: it maintains the counting systems and ensures that everything is working while having the possibility of reporting any defaults or malfunctions.

The data can be retrieved via the USB port located on the front of the EXAboard and can also be viewed at any time by the driver using the digital screen.

It is also possible to connect it to any Passenger Information System to automate data retrieval via different communication modes (TOR, RS232, RS485, Ethernet, etc.).

Système de comptage passagers haute précision SIRA3D vue 3 quart
Coupe du SIRA3D : capteur dédié au comptage voyageurs haute précision