The SIRA 3D can interface directly with any Passenger Information System, telematics solutions or even data aggregation systems with an on-board computer, via an ethernet switch. The operator can thus easily use the passenger counting data on its usual data management interface with no need to add an extra one.

The counting data from the SIRA 3D mainly allow fine quantification of the number of entries and exits in each vehicle to optimize its service offer and best meet its needs. This also significantly improves the fight against fraud. Finally, the data generated by our sensors can make it possible to know in real time and reliably the precise filling rate of the vehicles in order to distribute it to travellers via different information media: display panels, internet or even on dedicated phone apps, with the aim of helping and encouraging travellers to better distribute themselves in vehicles.

Our sensors, the SIRA 3D therefore make reliable counting data available to your systems in order to exploit them as you wish.

Système de comptage passagers haute précision SIRA3D vue 3 quart